B & T Pest Control

B & T Pest Control

Pest Control Services in Jacksonville, Hampstead and Topsail Beach

is a family-owned business and we believe everyone should be treated as family. We understand that people have choices in their pest control services. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and making sure every customer is satisfied with our services and are treated like family.  

Effective pest management involves more than just spraying to kill bugs. It’s a process, not always a one-time event.

We offer year-round inspection, monitoring, and treatments help to ensure the protection of your home from pest infestation. The threat of pests is always present– it comes with the warm and wonderful North Carolina climate.

The first step is to identify your pest threat, the risks involved, and the reason they are infesting your home in the first place. Once this is determined a strategy can be developed to manage the infestation. Not all pest management solutions are the same. Once we have decided on a strategy, we work with you to treat the causes in ways that are best for your home, family, pets and the environment

Why Choose B&T Pest Control in Jacksonville, Hampstead, Richlands and Topsail Beach ?

offers FREE CALL BACK services with our RPM Program as proof of our commitment to quality. B & T Pest Control has the capabilities of a large firm with the feel and customer service of a family-owned business.